How much do I have to pay for this exchange program?

Costs and benefits of the program depend on the country you choose. GLOBAL EXCHANGE INTERNATIONAL has a reasonable rate to help you be part of the program.

Who does process my visa?

Visas are obtained in person. You have to apply to the corresponding embassy. GLOBAL EXCHANGE INTERNATIONAL with support of the host family and our partner agency will help you to collect the supporting documents required by the embassy. Moreover, you will receive a personalized advising for the consulate interview.

What happens if I have a problem with my host family?

GLOBAL EXCHANGE INTERNATIONAL together with our international partners have developed and used different process to study host families background. We look into their needs, customs and preferences so that we can find the best au pair who suits their expectations. However, in case there is a problem between the host family and the Au Pair, we will mediate to find a solution. A change of host family will be made if necessary.

Can I apply to the program even if I do not have the language level required in the country?

Yes, you can apply to the program, GLOBAL EXCHANGE INTERNATIONAL will keep your place while you study and reach the required level.

Who will assess my language level?

Our advising international process team will assess your language level through interviews. In case you are studying, they will assess your progress.

How long does it take the process?

Depending on the country you choose, the process can take 6 months, one year. Also, it depends on the applicant (it is important to clarify that the collection of documentation depends on you). There are aspects that depend on you to accelerate the process such as documents submission and language interview.

Can I start my process even if I want to travel in one or two years?

Yes. If you want to travel in one year, we recommend you to start your process immediately so that you can study the language and interview with more families to find the one that suits your profile.

TO APPLY IN 2021, 2022, 2023


  • BOGOTÁ D.C HEAD OFFICE CLL 19 Nº 7 - 48 Office 2103 / 2104 EDIFICIO COVINOC. Telephones: 57+ (1) 751 46 22 / 284 10 16. PBX (1) 2432476 Cellphone: 57 +301 238 7209

    BOGOTA NORTH HEADQUARTER: Cra. 45 (Autopista Norte) No. 108 A - 50 Office 802 Edificio Bosch Telephones: 57+ (1) 2158684 PBX (1) 3907089

    ANTIOQUIA: MEDELLÍN CLL 30A No 82A - 26 Office 1219 / Torre Ejecutiva. Centro comercial Los Molinos. Telephones: 57 +(4) 6046638 Cellphone: 57 +315 209 44 89

    VALLE DEL CAUCA: CALI CRA 100 # 5 - 169 Torre B, Pasoancho Piso 6 C.C UINICENTRO. Cellphone: 57 +312 522 04 80 Email:

    BOYACA: TUNJA Cra. 1F No 40 -149 Edificio Marca Office 211. Telephones: 57 +(8) 743 25 42 Cellphone: 57 +310 242 78 63

  • Av. Beethoven, Torre Financiera, First floor Office 1C Colinas de Bello Monte,
    Caracas DC. Cod. Postal 1050
    Telephones: 0212-7540317 / 0212-7539775

    Centro Comercial Otama el viñedo Guaparo’s entrance top floor office L9
    Valencia Estado Carabobo
    Cellphone: 04143377204 Sr. Manuel Dubon

    Av. 9B entre 59 y 60 Sector Pueblo Nuevo nexo to Villa Vizcaya
    Office #5, First floor
    Municipio Maracaibo.
    Telephones: 0261-935.03.13 / 0424-131.50.57

    Av. Carlos Sanda, Centro Comercial y Profesional Otama, 3rd floor, Office L-19, Urb. El Viñedo, Valencia, Edo. Carabobo.
    Telephones: 0241-7741140 / 0424-4000280

  • MIAMI FLORIDA: 18501 Pines Boulevard Suite #371
    Pembroke Pines, Florida, 33029
    Telephones: (786) 207-8350

  • PANAMÁ: Edificio Financial Park, 12th floor
    Office H - Suite # 002 Costa del Este Boulevard.
    Telephones: (507)6373-3602

  • Av. Lopez Mateos N 95, 26th floor Guadalajara, Jalisco
    Telephones: +52 33 2494 7244

  • QUITO: Av. De los Shyris N33-134 and República del Salvador.
    Edificio Corporativo Libertador, office 603
    Telephones: +593 (02) 5121060

  • Calle Martir Jose Olaya #129 Centro Empresarial Jose Pardo • Torre A - Office 302 Miraflores,
    Lima Peru
    Telephone. +511 3834295